5 Ways To Fix a Dashboard That Just isn’t Working

Whenever someone visits your website, the first thing they look at is your dashboard. It is your website where people get information about their clients, marketing campaigns, products, target market, etc. While designing the dashboard, you need to think about how it will be used. You must ensure that your dashboard is informative, easy to use, and functional for your target market.

Reasons for failure of the dashboard

·  Design: The dashboard’s design and layout make a massive difference in the way people use it and see it. The type of colors and the fonts used, the placement of graphs and charts can immediately affect people. While website development, one should never copy the designs of other pages.

·   Features: Many website development companies think that more features will be better for their dashboard. Even though it sounds great, but it is not always the case. More features can give more power to your users, but at the same time can also overwhelm them and make them unwilling to use any option.

·   Intuitiveness: Another reason behind the dashboard’s failure is that the most necessary function is either hidden or put so that the user has to go through a lot of hoops to reach them or use them properly. When you are in website development, make sure that the user does not have to spend a lot of time going through tutorials to use your products effectively.

·  Loss of details: Some website development companies tend to put so much data or options on just one page. This overwhelms the user and makes them lose their focus.

·   Lack of differentiation: Apart from that, most dashboard fails because of a lack of differentiation. The product or features that you are offering is the same thing being offered by others. Whenever you are designing your product, make sure to assess the competition and list at least 2-3 solutions that are entirely different from those of your competitors.

Final words

Nothing is perfect the day it comes to the market. There will always be something to learn or to change. You cannot learn things about your product unless it is tested on a live audience. To make sure that your testings are correctly done, keep the following things in mind:

·  As good as it sounds never does QA testing for your product yourself. Always hire a professional who is good at his job to get the quality of your product tested.

· Test your product with your target market. If your product is for students, get it tested with them. If it is for business owners, then get it tested with them.

·  Always make sure to use a random sample for your test.

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