Keep an eye on upcoming web development Trends for 2020

Web development trend comes and goes. Those which were the trends of 2019 are now already under practice. Following the success and failure of past trends, new upcoming trends evolve. Those who don’t want to stay behind the news, it is essential to be aware of all the trends in web development. From AI to IoT development services, we bring some latest trends for 2020 in web development.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and conversion

Though it is not new in web development trends, in 2020, AI has become a mandatory feature for website development. The world is moving fast. Here, you may lose 30 potential leads in every hour. The only thing that can help you is AI. Assisting the users with the perfect solution in no time is the “MANTRA”. AI is an excellent tool to increase sales. For example, sending product offers where the user has shown interest, analyzing the emotions of the clients from their participation in the site, selecting the user interfaces that provide the highest conversion for sure clients or in certain time segments, etc.

Internet of Things (IoT): one of the primary trends in 2020

Residential automation, industrial automation, the smartest city, telemedicine, etc.: in the last few years these have been the perfect example of IoT application. Recently, the use of IoT has become an essential part of web development. Service providers want to offer their services through their websites. It is only possible when the users get the ease of use with the application. Compatibility, security, connectivity, scalability, and privacy: these are the five dynamic characteristics in IoT application.

In order to take maximum potential of the commercial advantages, entrepreneurs wish to adapt to IoT app development. IoT Development Trends in 2020 brings several benefits to us. Before looking for an IoT web development company, you should find answers to these questions:

  • Goals to achieve with your IoT application.
  • Potential customers, you want to reach.
  • Main functions to develop in the application.
  • How to implement the functionalities in the market.
  • Expected budget to develop an IoT web development.

AI-powered chatbots and customer support

Any online business depends mainly on excellent customer support. In this 21st century would you like to let your potential clients wait for the reply? No. Let them have their primary concerns solved online with the AI-powered chatbots. Yes, one of the prominent trends of web development trends in 2020. As technology evolves, it is becoming easier to integrate AI-powered chatbots into your website using open APIs. Chatbots are not only fun and interactive but can also be programmed to adjust and provide a personalized user experience automatically. Chatbots are fast, always available, and can be used in many creative ways. 

Motion User Interface (UI)

Another trend for web development in 2020 is the motion user interface. The user interface or UI is a concept that encompasses information architecture, patterns and different visual elements. It is the medium that allows us to interact and communicate with our laptop, smartphone, tablet and many other devices that are part of the daily life of a citizen of the 21st century. In our busy schedule, we need easy to operate interface. It is the reason why web developers are focusing more and more on UI.

Web development is not a one day job. Many techniques and technologies are struggling today to become part of the toolkit that developers use when launching any project. In the end, it all depends on the Professional Community. There are also some other upcoming trends in web development in 2020: voice search, 3D design, typography, etc.
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