How Can Social CRM Help Firms In Boosting Relationships With Consumers?

The social customer relationship management system is a combination of CRM with multiple social media channels. It enables brands to interact with customers via social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Several studies have proved that upgrading from CRM to social customer relationship management system can help in improving customer service, profitability, and strengthening the brand value. Unfortunately, in spite of a rise in demand for social customer service from consumers, some brands have a zero presence on these platforms and rely on old methods like telephone or email helpline. Here’s how SCRM can help brands in boosting their relationship with customers. 

SCRM Can Help In Staying Relevant For Customers 
Trends indicate consumers born after 1981 prefer sharing their complaints via Facebook or Twitter rather than traditional methods like telephonic helpline or emails. 

Overall around 80 percent of the actions on Facebook as well as Twitter are performed by users via mobile devices. It proves that customers are anchored to their smartphones. For some, their smartphone is as important as their car or a daily dose of coffee. 

These days, customers appreciate brands that keep track of their past purchase history, as well as complaints. No matter if the activity is a complaint or positive feedback in the form of Tweet or Instagram comments, customers expect the brand’s customer service teams to be well-aware. Most importantly, customers expect brands to revert to their social media queries within an hour.

The SCRM enables the company’s consumer serving executives to keep track of interactions made on the phone, via email, or on Twitter and Facebook on a single screen. It offers greater insight into the buyer’s product usage habits. Such knowledge helps firms in establishing a better relationship with their consumers. 

Social CRM enhances the company’s social listening as well as CRM abilities. Any CRM software development firm can help in integrating the company’s existing ERP as well as other systems with SCRM.

The Rise Of Messaging On Social Networks 
Due to the overall public nature of social networking sites, players from regulated industries hesitated to use such platforms for interacting and exchanging confidential information with consumers. However, the rise in the use of Twitter DMs, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp has helped in increasing the confidence amongst brands to use these platforms. It results in better customer satisfaction as consumers can highlight their concerns and get them resolved quickly while on the go. 

Can Help In Improving Sales Figures 
Research has pointed out the companies that use Twitter for customer services are 30 percent more likely to be recommended by their existing buyers to others. The same study’s findings also stressed on the point that such consumers are willing to spend 20 percent more on brands that have a presence on the concerned social networking site. It highlights that companies can convince around 69 percent of customers who post negative tweets by merely responding to their issues on the microblogging site. A telecom company was a part of this study, and they found that consumers feel satisfied when their concerns are addressed on Twitter. They even show a willingness to opt for higher plans at a later stage, resulting in more sales.

Reducing The Gap Between Customer Service And Marketing 
Customers may not even open marketing emails or read texts. However, these messages can be quickly delivered via social networking sites under the veil of customer service resulting in a seamless digital experience for consumers. 

The formula is tried and tested. As per data released by Forrester research, customer service and marketing collaboration can help in serving the customer better. 
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