Why Your Startup Needs a CRM System?

Philip Kotler famously said “Marketing is the homework that we do before we have a product…” In other words, if you wish to succeed in business you must have a market first instead of focusing on production first. He also said that all customers are important and some are more important but how do you draw the line? The CRM is what your startup needs to aggressively focus on the marketing aspect and for the CRM to work well it is better if it is custom developed by the right CRM software development company

With a CRM You Are Not Going To Be Sitting And Twiddling Your Thumbs

Startups will assume that in the initial phase they will be working on generating leads and pursuing each one individually. Where does CRM enter in this scenario when leads are sparse and few in between? This is fallacious reasoning. Whatever leads you get must be fed to your CRM. It will keep track better than any individual can and, besides, such data is accessible to others on their devices, mobile or desktop. You would sit and twiddle your thumbs but get a CRM from top CRM development services and you can get down to planning and implementing campaigns. 

Plan and Implement Campaigns

Startups need to be vigorous in marketing but you cannot have teams running off in any direction to little effect. Instead, put in place a CRM solution that will help you plan and implement campaigns in conjunction with IVR/IPPBX/Call center software. Most such outbound campaigns can be automated and scheduled. You can have your core marketing team focus on more important customers who matter most while automated CRM campaigns take care of generating leads that may or may not convert. 

Data Right From The Start

Without planning you cannot progress and without data you cannot plan. Rope in CRM development services to design a custom CRM and if that is not affordable, get an off the rack basic CRM but get one. All data goes into it right from the start and helps you stay organized. Data right from inception helps you plan better and, as you grow, the information you derive from this data can be priceless. As stated earlier, some customers are more important, especially if they are the earlier ones that gave you support. You can classify such customers separately in the CRM and give them VIP treatments.


Loyalty is not for pets. Loyal customers actually help you earn more since they will buy again and recommend your products to others. With a CRM system in place you have a platform to engage, convert prospective customers and build loyalty. Loyalty, as you learn, is simply priceless. Manage customers well and make them feel special and you get their loyalty in return. The CRM system helps you manage customers with ease. 

The Fulcrum Of Business, Communication And Collaboration

Delve into its depths and you will find that the CRM solution can become pivotal to your business operations. It is not just about customer management. The tools can easily be morphed for collaboration. Everyone in your team can access data and, importantly, collaborate with each other. If you are into manufacturing, then production and inventory management becomes a snap. It can even help you streamline products and process flow, thereby reducing costs and speeding up delivery. The CRM is your left hand, right hand and your business pivot as you will find when you explore its features.

Cash Flows

Startups always face cash flow issues and, surprising as it may seem, CRM solutions can help you manage cash flow and funding cycles since you can derive information through reports. That is one side of funds management. You can even use CRM to activate and cultivate lenders for your business. Think about it. CRM is simply priceless if you know how to use it. 

Get Smart Sight Innovations CRM and you are getting off to a running start in your startup venture.
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