What Are The Biggest Myths About CRM Services?

Even in this era of social CRM, several myths regarding customer relationship management systems thwart firms from upgrading. Here’re five of the most discussed myths these days.  

  1. CRMs would become redundant due to AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology has revolutionized the way people shop online, work, drive, and use appliances. With the introduction of products like Chatbots, the buzz is that customer service would completely automate during the coming years. Perhaps, it might prove to be the most discussed myth in some IT companies during lunch time. Several experts have pointed out that AI can indeed become an essential component of customer service, marketing, sales forecasting, etc. However, it cannot completely replace humans. Thus, it is advisable to ignore rumours suggesting that the existing custom crm development would become redundant.

2. CRM lack data security

Data security is the primary concern for enterprise customers these days. Of course, it is right to be concerned about security, especially, when even the consumer data at Starwood Hotels does not remain safe.

As CRM service providers use multiple centers to store the data, there are no chances of losing the data. Cloud-based CRM do not need server rooms. Thus, users should not worry about losing data due to power supply disruptions, fire incidents or any other disaster.

The highly secured connections between the point of use and cloud-based servers are established using the latest SSL protocols and TLS- Transport Layer Security.

For avoiding security breaches at the user level, most of the customer relationship systems use multi-layered security measures that are also capable of monitoring unusual behaviour. Employees can be given access to data based on privileges that their role in the organization has to offer. The two-factor authentication requires even logged-in associates to pass another level of security before making any changes in the critical data.

Administrators can change the session timeout minutes, permission levels, and user-roles for employees within minutes.

3. User-friendliness

Perhaps, the most ubiquitous myth in circulation is that consumer relationship management systems are complicated to use and employees need extensive training before using the same.

Unfortunately, some companies are still licensing old legacy, mainframe-based systems that work on codes. But, the fact is that modern systems are user-friendly and straightforward even for users who do not have a technical background. Besides working with their dedicated software interface, some of them also work with web browsers. Companies do not need an IT team to manage CRM anymore because vendors offer 24*7 IT support to clients.

Not just using the software, but even configuring and customization can be done within minutes.

4. All CRMs are the same

It is indeed true that a specific set of CRMs offer multiple features and can be used by employees from several departments. However, every customer relationship system has its own set of features. Plus, there are process specific solutions as well.

Operational, social, analytical, collaborative, e-commerce and sales CRM are some of the process specific consumer relationship software solutions available with most of the crm development companies. Organizations can select the system based on their exact needs, and problems that their customer-facing staff wants to resolve.

5. A costly affair

Before two decades, customer relationship management solutions were considered a luxury item as only large organizations could afford them. That’s history! These days, companies can subscribe to CRM plans and choose the features, capacity, as well as other factors according to their needs. The final price for the software depends on the system integration requirements, licenses required, the number of users, processes, and workflow requirements.

If you wish to go for off-the-shelf customer relationship management system or develop a custom CRM, you should consider getting in touch with specialists at Smart Sight Innovations. They offer CRM development services to several large and small firms.

What Are The Biggest Myths About CRM Services?

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