Four features that deserve to be a part of every Dynamic Website Development plan

Web presence is considered as one of the most crucial factors of a successful business. The coronavirus pandemic has forced several small companies to improve their online presence. However, merely launching any website may not work. Several portals do nothing when it comes to business growth. A lot depends on how it is built and the functionalities that it offers. Here’re four features that should be a part of your dynamic website development plan. 

1> End-users appreciate a simple CMS

Dynamic website development is the most suitable and perhaps mandatory option for companies that run a blog or news portal. Such sites run through CMS, making it easy for the administrators to update pages using a simple WordPress like interface. Thanks to uncomplicated content management systems (CMS), content can be rationalized, and keywords can be edited from time to time to make it search engine friendly. Even individuals without any coding knowledge can update pages. 

2> Implementing a recommender system can result in more business 

Epsilon’s recent study has pointed out that 90 percent of consumers appreciate websites that offer personalized experiences. And this is where the recommender system comes into the picture. In fact, recommendation engines easily make it to the list of top ten crucial components in a dynamic website development plan. 

Small and large firms in the e-commerce world are well-aware of benefits offered by recommender systems. Even travel sites, blogs, stock trading websites, knowledge bases, and dating platforms implement the same to personalize the content for visitors. If your website sells products or services, recommendation engines can indeed prove beneficial. 

Out of collaborative filtering, content-based filtering, and hybrid (a combination of both), collaborative filtering (algorithmic approach) is the most advanced and widely used recommender system option in dynamic website development. It ensures that recommendations are generated and displayed based on user preferences and habits. 

There are several recommender system plug-ins and add-ons. Firms that offer dynamic website development can also help clients with custom-developed recommender systems.

3> Personalized content for visitors 

Dynamic websites can be designed to show personalized content to visitors, depending on their time zone, country, browsing history, and other factors. 

4> Intelligent pop-ups based on visitor’s actions 

Engineers working on dynamic website development projects often recommend the use of intelligent pop-ups. These pop-ups can display dynamic content based on ad-hoc signals like the number of minutes spent on a page or when a customer shows intent to exit the selected page. Pop-ups can also be based on engagement levels, geo-location, and referral sources. 

A perfectly timed pop-up with a glimpse of items related to recently viewed things, a subscription form, or a discount offer can help turn the table. It can increase the chances of conversions for websites that sell stuff. Intelligent pop-ups should indeed be a part of a dynamic website development plan. 

In addition to HTML, dynamic websites use scripting languages like ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, PHP, etc. Plus, the use of advanced programming databases makes dynamic website development time-consuming for engineers. Are you searching for a trustworthy team of developers who are pro in dynamic website development? If so, you should consider getting in touch with experts at Smart Sight Innovations. 

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