Here’re the most appreciated AngularJS development practices in 2020

Developed by Google’s Angular Team, Angular is one of the most popular open-source web and mobile app development frameworks. Implementing the following best practices in the project can help engineers create super-responsive, user-friendly apps. 

Reusable components can help in saving time 

Creating reusable components can help engineers to boost work productivity and ensure the project completes as per schedule. For example, rather than creating a different UI component each time, the same UI can be used in various parts of an app whenever needed. It makes the entire procedure easier and faster for developers. While updating or introducing changes, engineers can change the component once, and it gets updated in all UI areas automatically. 

Command-line interface tool Angular CLI 

Angular CLI element enables developers to initialize, develop, scaffold, and maintain Angular apps using a command shell. The tool helps developers to follow and implement standard best practices and ensure it has optimum accessibility.

Angular CLI helps engineers create classes, pipes, directives, services, modules, and other helpful components. There’s no need to make manual files. Besides updating the modules, the element also helps in automatically creating necessary files and folders. 

Consider following standard Angular coding guideline

Merely following the Angular coding guideline can ensure the code remains clean and get optimum performance from various elements. 

The code should not be more than 400 lines limit, and if used for a single function, it should not exceed 75 lines limit. When it comes to slider component feature areas, using custom prefixes works well. Properties and methods should be mentioned using a lower camel case. Lastly, imports and modules should have one empty line space between them. 

State Management Libraries 

Storing the state of various forms of data can help in state transitions. And this is where elements in State Management libraries such as Akita, NGXS, NGRX, etc. can help. Every library has a different purpose, states, and usages, but engineers consider NGXS the easiest to learn and user-friendly option. 

Using CDK Virtual Scroll 

Experts recommend engineers to use CDK Virtual Scroll as it can help in boosting the app performance by using the browser for maintaining larger files. CDK Virtual Scroll is a part of the Angular Material Package and can help select specific items that can fit the device’s screen. 

Boost loading time with lazy loading 

The lazy loading feature controls the process of loading elements like videos and images. Loading time can be considerably improved if elements are prioritized as per their actual requirement. Lazy loading helps in selecting and displaying the required components depending on the user’s actions. 

Approach any top-notch angular js development company and you will find that their engineers also recommend using the lazy loading option. 

Dividing code in separate modules 

Dividing the code in different modules and allotting a responsibility (function) to each part can increase usability. 

For example, in mailing apps, dividing the functionalities into three parts- email listing, search bar, and filters can help. Managing and testing the code becomes easy when split into multiple parts. 

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