Why Your Web Project need a Mobile-first Design Approach

If you are planning to have a website or a web portal, you should know that more than half of your visitors would access it from their mobile phones. According to recent studies, around 52.6% of internet traffic is generated from mobile.

In the following blog, we are going to explain why desktop designs do not work for mobile and why web projects need a Mobile-First approach.

Why does the desktop- first approach ruin the mobile experience?

When a web development company designs software, if it does not take its compatibility on mobile devices into account and when you access the website from your smartphone, the essential features of the website are lost because they simply do not fit.

How Mobile-first design helps create a quality mobile experience?

It is a quite difficult task to make your web solution look natural across all devices. The mobile-first strategy helps to organize this work and give you visible results.

The main issue behind the mobile-first design strategy is that small space and specific interaction patterns make designing for mobile a tedious task when compared with desktop devices.

Designing a mobile UI first allows a good mobile experience without being confined by the limitations of desktop design.

The best part is that the mobile-first strategy helps avoid graceful degradation, which means the elimination of a part of the screen to fit it on your mobile screen.

How you will get benefit from combining the mobile-first strategy with responsive design

Mobile-first design is about strategic planning, while responsive design is a design technique. So it is much better for web development companies to choose a combination of the two rather than any one of them.

Focused, uncluttered design

While web Development Company is designing the mobile version for even the smallest screen, try to include the top priority content by analyzing the user needs. Add elements with lower priority on larger UIs that have to offer more vacant space for elements.

The above way enables mobile UI to answer the essential needs of the users instead of having desktop elements that manage to fit on the screen.

Shrewdly planned out UX

Taking mobile-first designing into consideration helps consider all mobile UX issues at the starting of the project. This helps to eliminate various problems that need additional time and money to be readjusted in a mobile version.

Some of the problems would be mobile incompatible content elements or interaction patterns, small and non-tap friendly click areas.

The faster and cheaper design process

Mobile UI gets errors out of the way at the early stages and makes further development seamless. On the other hand, the desktop first design would only uncover such issues at the end, making the web development services readjust the code for the larger screen versions as well.

Choose the right starting point for your web project

The mobile-first strategy needs to be considered from the very beginning. Once you choose a mobile-first design strategy for your web project, you gain the confidence that results would be effective and efficient.

Final words

It is always recommended to create web projects with mobile-first design to make it compatible with both desktops and smartphones. Businesses searching for a web Development Company can contact Smart sight innovations for innovative website development services.

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