Laravel vs. Codelgniter – Which to choose over another?

What is Laravel?

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework, and it uses MVC architectural pattern for web application development. It is released under  MIT license.

What is Codelgniter?

Codelgniter is a robust PHP framework created for web developers. It is for the developers who want a simple and elegant toolkit to build full-featured web applications. It is one of the most vital alternatives to create dynamic PHP websites.

Main differences between Laravel and Codelgniter

Codelgniter is an object-oriented framework. On the other hand, Laravel is a relational object-oriented framework. It is easy to learn Codelgniter for beginners. Laravel has some additional and advanced features that might be difficult for beginners to use.

Codelgniter is an object-oriented event-driven operative, whereas level is component-oriented.

Laravel has an inbuilt unit-testing tool, while Codelgniter lacks this feature.

Laravel comes with authentication class features, whereas Codelgniter has no built-in authentication features.

Laravel vs. Codelgniter:

We will compare Laravel and Codelgniter based on multiple parameters such as support of other DBMS, structure & updates, Built-in modules, Popularity & Trends, etc.

Other DBMS support


Laravel is compatible with ORACLE, PostgreSQL oriented, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, MYSQL, and JDBC.


Codelgniter is compatible with Microsoft BI, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. However, Codelgniter additionally supports other general databases like DB2, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and others.

Current Trends and Popularity


Laravel is at its top demand right now. Seasoned developers favor the expressive coding style of Laravel.


Codelgniter allows ease of use in 2.x, and hence many web developers favor it.

Updates and structures


Laravel supports the MVC structure of filing that comes with a command-line tool named the Artisan.


The structure of Codelgniter is Model-View-Controller (MVC) and provides easy on Boarding. The structure is based on Object-oriented Programming. Yet, many developers use Codelgniter according to their requirements.

API Building and Template


The Laravel has built-in modularity features. It enables developers to share a plan into small modules through the bundle.


It does not have any built-in modularity characteristics. Therefore, developers require to create it separately by using Modular Extension.

Libraries and Online Help


Laravel has its proper documentation, which is very extensive and helpful.


It has lots of built-in functionality. It comes with a user guide, and you can use it without any prior education.

Database model


Relational Object-Oriented  



HTTP support


Laravel enables programmers to determine custom HTTPs routes. The developers can also build a particular URL for each HTTPS route. 


It does not fully support HTTPS. Hence, developers need to use the URL to secure data transmission by creating pats.

Which one to choose – Laravel or Codelgniter?

As we are concluding, we can say that both of these frameworks have their importance and advantages. However, it depends on your project on which you are working. Despite that, it will be safe to say that Laravel has an edge compared to Codegniter. The reason behind preferring Laravel is its elegant and advanced features.


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