Best AngularJs Framework for Web Development in 2020

All programmers and developers are always in search of tools or elements that can enhance their programming experience. These elements allow them to create their application more efficiently.

With the help of a framework, it is possible to add or change a feature in your application and improve its functionality. It is essential to know the frameworks because if you are not aware of the frameworks, then you can not consider applying it in your AngularJS app.

Most trending AngularJs Framework for Web Development in 2020

1.     Vue

Vue was created by Evan You in the year 2014, and it mostly targets for the frontend development of a web app. The most significant benefit of Vue is its compact size of 18-21 KBs. Vue can enhance any size of the app. You can write Vue.js codes using HTML, JavaScript, Angular Js, or pure javascript codes.

2.     React

React is one of the best AngularJS Templates and was launched in the year 2013. It offers total reusability of the source code. Virtual DOM powers it, and it also comes with React Native that supports mobile application development. React can be used with React Native for both mobile platforms, iOS, and Android.

3.     Ionic

Ionic is considered as one of the most renowned AngularJS frameworks to build a hybrid mobile application. Developers across the world use a mixture of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML code for this framework. It has a tremendous command-line interface to manage the application.

4.     Mobile Angular UI

As per the name, Mobile Angular UI offers you a complete platform to build native mobile apps while using AngularJS. It is made up of Bootstrap and AngularJS to create a highly scalable mobile application. This framework also supports hybrid applications. So you can put HTML code into a fully-functional app without using any other programming language.

5.     Radian

If you want to include chart illustration in your AngularJS project, then you can use Radian. You can add plotting code effortlessly without writing a JavaScript code in your assignment. It uses the D3.js library to apply dynamic graphic generation. You can make plots, illustrations, and graphs using the Radian JavaScript library.

6.     Mean IO

An experienced web developer always faces trouble while writing complex as well as incomprehensible source code on JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. Mean IO tool may help you in building stunning web apps that are light-weighted. It gives an actionable and straightforward JavaScript framework. By using this, the developers can leverage to make the application of any size.

7.     Lumix

Are you looking for a frontend development framework that works with AngularJS? Then LumX can be a great choice. It makes your app visually attractive and elegant to offer a fantastic user experience. It does not add any jQuery plugins to maintain the app speed.


Every framework offers a different purpose. You can pick any of these frameworks based on your project requirement and scope. It is very vital to know which AngularJS framework ensures better execution.If you are searching for the best angular Js Framework for web development, then you can contact Smart sight, a renowned IoT App Development Company, Mobile App Development Solutions company.

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