How android completely captured the world market during COVID -19 Crises?

With the sudden outbreak of COVID 19 the situation of the whole world has become severe. Schools are closed, offices are shut and people are leading a different life. It seems that our life is coming to an end. But what is the solution to this problem? Perhaps there is no such complete solution to this problem. The medical system and the medical team are working hard to get rid of this pandemic.

In the meantime a lot of people have also lost their lives. Many are sick and passing through a terrible health condition. When the situation is becoming worse day by day there is only one thing that can help out people from this condition. What is that?

Well, that is the latest android phone that can be effectively used to know the present situation of the market.

What happened after the outbreak of COVID 19?

The impact of COVID 19 seems to be dangerous. China was the first country that experienced this deadly disease. Thereby it spread to countries like Japan, Italy, Korea, India, etc. In such a situation when people are totally locked in their house are commencing to see indications of the disease through mobile phones.

Based on this, the IoT app development company is also working hard to develop some latest things and news for the people that are mainly related to COVID 19. People are also being directed by the Government officials to stay at home and carry out all the works from home. 

It is also seen that people are getting addicted to mobile phones as they are getting a source of entertainment from the latest ones. This is trying to fill up the gaps in daily life.

What is the present status of mobile usage?

We all know that China started lockdown from January 2020. A survey that was carried out by various mobile companies found that the use of mobile phones in China jumped to five hours per day. Italy that has the highest number of confirmed cases saw a tremendous jump of mobile usage to about 11%. This was too high for the country.

The impact of COVID 19 seems to be very deadly and it is affecting markets and companies to a great extent. The main thing that is emerging from this report is people are mainly inclining towards the use of mobile phones during this tough situation.

How the growth of mobile apps increased during COVID 19?

One of the major developments that were found during this period was the increase in downloading mobile apps. As the offices started to close down people started to work from home. This was the time when it was seen that people have started downloading various types of apps and they are spending a lot of time relying upon the business apps. 

The Mobile App development company is also working with the same tenacity and sincerity to invent various other types of apps that can help people in this critical period.  In February 2020 it was seen that China was the first country in terms of iOS apps downloading. The trend was almost similar in Italy and other countries in the world.  As people could not go to the office or meet their officials or clients they started to download various types of teleconference apps to stay in touch with the other ones. 

In this connection, we can talk about apps like the Zoom cloud meeting or the team link apps. They are found to be much better in connecting people from any corner of the world. 

What about Mobile games and entertainment apps?

Apart from all this, it was also found that the tendency to download various types of mobile games has also increased considerably. Some people are also spending ample time in downloading various types of interesting games and playing with the same. This can help them to stay tension free and better to some extent.

People are also trying to download various types of entertainment apps that can provide them with various types of entertaining programs and movies. In this respect, it has been seen that TikTok saw a great jump. People are trying to download those apps and try some innovative things. Even downloading the video streaming apps increased largely.  They can also be used as a great source of entertainment and refreshment.

However, no one is sure about the end of this pandemic. Everyone is suffering from a tough period that is hard to be described in simple words. So, with this piece of invention, it is expected that people can stay fine at least for some period of time. Thus, mobile phones have turned out to be a great mode of living during the outbreak of COVID 19

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